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VMED Hill Metal Dissecting Kit 14pcs Per Set. Surgical Set Minor

This 14pcs surgical set from VMED Hill is perfect for minor procedures that require precision and accuracy. The kit includes a variety of dissecting tools that are essential for any surgical operation.

High-Quality Materials: Made from durable metal, each tool in this set is designed to withstand frequent use and last a long time.

Complete Set: The kit includes all the essential tools required to perform minor surgeries, making it an ideal choice for medical professionals and students alike.

Precision Instruments: Each tool is designed with precision in mind, allowing for delicate procedures to be performed with ease and accuracy.

The VMED Hill Mettal Dissecting Kit is an excellent investment for anyone looking to build out their medical supplies or first aid kit. Whether you are a student or professional in the healthcare industry, this versatile set will help you perform your job with confidence.

VMED Hill Metal Dissecting Kit 14pcs Per Set. Surgical Set Minor

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