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VMED First Aid Latex Flat Tourniquet Rubber  Emergency Supplies

● 100% Brand new and high quality
● Made of 100% natural latex used for constricting or compression and provides a non-slip texture, keeping the tourniquet tied and tight in place for more efficient needle sticks.
● These tear-resistant and slip-resistant latex straps are easily tied and untied, and can be rolled and banded. Standard length medical-grade tourniquets 1” x17.5”. It’s a great addition to your First Aid Kit - for those "real" emergencies beyond just a scuffed knee.
● This tourniquet helps make veins more visible, so that the caregiver has an easier time correctly positioning the needle for injection or sample collecting. You wrap it around the patient's arm, have them flex, and the vein should become clearer to see. It is designed to stretch too, if you need just a little more.

VMED First Aid Latex Flat Tourniquet Rubber Emergency Supplies

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