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KF94 mask 10pcs High quality (4-ply) (10pcs) face mask

•KF94 Nano fiber Filter Face Masks are specially engineered using advanced nano fibers for effective filtration and breath-ability. Made to fit comfortably with its ergonomic and lightweight design. 
•Why is KF94 better? KF(Korea Filter) masks adhere closely with the European Standard rating system so you can be rest assured that KF94 masks are equivalent to P2 filtration and filter out 94% of particulate matter. 
•94% filtration, breathable, comfortable, compact, easy to keep and comes in individual packaging with 1pc in it. 3D Face Mask effect that fits amazingly well on your face. 
•High breathability using nano fiber technology 
•Strong moisture control with 0.1 μm filtration efficiency 
•Lightweight design with each mask weighing less than 4.38g 
•3-layer ergonomic design covering nose to chin 
•Functional nose support with a wired flexible fit 
•Firm mask structure prevents falling off and fogging of glasses 
•UV protection of more than 90% of rays 
•Flexible nylon straps that maintain elasticity after long use 
•KF94 level respiratory protection, filtering efficiency up to 95%, mesh breathable composite fabric, suitable for all seasons.3-dimensional riding mask with three-dimensional filter, tight fit, anti-pollen,anti-smoke, anti-dust, anti-fog Mask. •After safety-certified disposable multi-layer breathing mask helps prevent you from inhaling fine particles. It filters out dust, pollen, mites, grass clippings, pet hair, dandruff, beauty, wood, construction, mowing, flour, mold, drilling, grinding and more.. 
•High-density non-woven fabric-nano filtration-N95 filtration-high-breathable non-woven fabric, which can prevent dust, car exhaust, pollen, etc.. 
•KF94 dust mask is foldable for easy storage and can be used indoors and outdoors. Suitable for people of all ages. It is ideal for carpentry, sports, exercise, city cycling, running, cycling and motorcycle riding NANO MASK - KF94 - KOREAN MASK

KF94 mask 10pcs High quality (4-ply) (10pcs) face mask

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