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Getwell Kids Nebulizer Jellyfish
  • 5 μ meter ultra-meter mist bead
  • Durable, lightweight, quiet compressor is perfect for COPD patients.
  • Powerful Piston-Driven workhorse compressor.
  • Compact & portable design with an integrated handle for transport
  • Comes with a disposable neb kit.
  • Quiet design, gentle spray more at ease
  • Atomized particles is small, the drug is not easy to be absorbbed, no wasting
  • Simple shape, easy to operate
  • Small and agile, easy to carry
  • Children Inspired Design Nebulizer (Jerry Fish)
  • Ideal for Home Care Use
  • Blue jelly fish shaped piston pump compressor
  • This compressor's big eyes and large yellow nose are sure to put a smile on your child's face, making treatments hassle free for all involved
  • A child mask is included with this nebulizer machine to help your child receive the most effective treatment possible

Getwell Kids Nebulizer Jellyfish

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