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Edan Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler SD1

Our newly innovation, the all-in-one compact handheld Doppler, SD1, is a remarkable member of Edan’s ultrasound Doppler series. Compared with conventional technology, SD1 took a giant leap by introducing the pulse wave technology. The user can locate the fetal heart rate signal quicker and easier. The extremely low radiation level give you a safer and more comfortable way during application. Smart phone solution makes evaluation and examination much more convenient. In addition, aside with professional clinical usage, SD1 is also a user friendly home-based device that allow you to use it anywhere, everywhere.

• ALL-IN-ONE design

• Built in speaker

• Touch panel for easy control

• Built in Bluetooth

• Android or iOS APP access for tracking baby’s development

• 3MHz probe detects fetal heart beat

• AA batteries for easy replacement

• Pulse wave technology

Edan Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler SD1

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